Dandelions, Orchids and Other Blooms

I originally wrote this post for a blog hop a few months back. I stumbled across it the other day on my hard drive and decided to add it here:

Across the globe, there has been much discussion about the concept of dandelion versus orchid children. According to various studies, a dandelion child is one who manages to thrive regardless of her upbringing (picture a dandelion squeezing through a tiny crack in the concrete to present its shining yellow self to the world), while orchids are far more sensitive, withering in dysfunctional environments and blossoming in nurturing ones.

A woman I met at a writer’s conference introduced me to the idea of dandelion children. She told me, having lived in Sweden for a number of years, that the Swedes are fascinated by the subject and my description of Kate (my main character in When Red Is Blue) reminded her of a dandelion child.

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